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National Fragrance Day

Shipping perfumeFragrances have been enjoyed by people for thousands of years. The first recorded chemist, Tapputi, was a perfume maker who was mentioned on a stone tablet from the 2nd millennium BCE in Mesopotamia. The oldest perfumery dating back to the bronze age, was discovered on the island of Cyprus; manufactured on an estimated surface area of over 4,000m².

Our sense of smell allows us to reminisce back on memories, the scent of a wonderful fragrance can allow some of the best memories, either of loved ones, or even the beautiful smells that we associate with Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  How many of us associate memories with the smell of freshly cut grass, fallen leaves or the drift of a sea breeze?

France is considered the world centre of many perfumes and cosmetic products; so, appreciating fragrances is no new concept for them. However, National Fragrance Day is a day that was created quite recently allowing everyone the chance to appreciate the various scents that play and have played important roles in our lives. At TPS Global, we want to be a part of distributing those memories.

We know that a fragrance can be the making of an outfit, a fashion statement or simply a comforting feature for anyone.

TPS Global Logistics are the company that you can rely on for storage, luxury packaging, delivery and security for all your fragrances. Our team are experienced professionals, prepared to discuss your requirements, from storage right through to delivery, whether it be regional, national or global, we have the solution for you.  TPS Global are focussed on working in partnership with you and your company to ensure your fragrances are available wherever and whenever you need them most. We accommodate seasonal peaks and troughs, with in house pick, pack and delivery solutions, so that distribution of your perfumes can be the highlight of someone’s special event or occasion.

Why not give us a call, after all, there is no better perfume, than the sweet smell of success!

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