Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance Services from TPS

To avoid costly hold ups, customs formalities are an important part of every import/export. We are trade experts, and our experienced account managers understand customs clearance procedures for imported and exported goods. This includes declarations for all goods and products, perishable, time critical, hazardous, fragile and oversized.

Our operations teams are customs trained to ensure your goods are shipped smoothly across international borders. Since Brexit on 1 January 2021 customs clearance is a compulsory process for any goods entering or leaving the UK.

Our professional customs clearance services include:

Advisory service to importers relating to customs tariff numbers
Certificates of Origin to claim preferential duty rates
Commercial invoices, tariff quotas and all other customs matters
The payment of import taxes can be arranged using the importers deferment, our deferment (a fee would apply) or Postponed VAT accounting which was introduced in 2021
Fully computerised clearance service using the Customs Declaration System (CDS) entry systems.
Import and Export customs entry declarations at all major UK ports

Our operations team oversees the planning, reporting and tracking of your goods, as well as organising the documentation required – this includes consular, customs formalities, temporary import procedures and carnets, bills of loading, certificates of origin and letters of credit, to ensure that your shipment is delivered without incident.

As well the timely and correct submission of documents, we can issue the payment of import taxes and other associated costs such as examination fees, as required. We offer a customs clearance service as part of our full range of freight forwarding and logistics solutions.

We can issue ATA Carnets in-house, this temporary customs document allows equipment to clear customs without import taxes, duty fees or delays. An ATA Carnet is a passport for broadcast equipment, musical instruments, stage sets, lighting, exhibition stands, product samples and even costumes.

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