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Altruist Sunscreen

TPS Global Logistics partnership with Altruist Sunscreen
We are proud of our working partnership with Altruist Sunscreen. We currently handle 17 SKUs, this has grown from the initial 3 in 2018. We fulfil all their Amazon UK sales.

TPS Fulfil
We store, pick, pack and distribute 17 product lines to over 16 different countries worldwide.

Our comprehensive warehouse management system integrates with all the major online sales channels for seamless inventory control and stock management.

Assisting business growth

Altruist sales on Amazon have increased over the last 3 years by 208% and when 2 new lines were added in 2024, we saw an increase in the number of countries purchasing stock. Our experienced team have handled the extra work seamlessly.

Altruist products retail on Amazon in several European countries, it is also distributed to Romania, Gibraltar, Netherlands, Nigeria, Turkey, Moldova, Philippines, China, Vietnam, Amsterdam, Sierra Leone (charity), Ireland and Austria.

The product has been endorsed by experts and beauticians. Which catapulted Altruist SPF30 to the BEST SELLER body sunscreen, with over 4,000 Amazon reviews, the brand, message and sales are going from strength to strength.


10p from every purchase of Altruist Sunscreen or Skincare product is donated to charities supporting children with albinism in parts of Africa – in 2023 a staggering 30,000 tubes of sunscreen were donated, Altruist founder David personally delivered sunscreen to Tanzania so he could meet some of the children and help teach them how to apply sunscreen.

Together with partners, Altruist has been able to donate over 865K GBP (1 million EUR) in products since the launch of the brand in 2016.

This ethical, premium quality sunscreen is made by dermatologists and sold at an affordable price. A donation is made on every product sold to charities to help reduce the incidence of skin cancer. To find out more about the products and company mission visit the Altruist website

At TPS Global we are proud to look after the fulfilment and distribution of these products, assisting Altruist in their mission to reduce the incidence of skin cancer through the increased use of quality sunscreen, together with better education and awareness.