TPS Success Stories
Celebration Crackers

The Project – cross shipping and handling hazardous goods for Celebration Crackers

International brand Celebration Crackers Ltd (now Heart and Soul Studio), design and manufacture their unique range of luxury Crackers in both their HQ in Poole Dorset and the Far East. They retail wholesale in the UK and export their products to Europe, New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Canada.

International shipping procedures for hazardous goods

Crackers are classed as hazardous goods when shipped due to the explosive part, which makes them *bang* when pulled. Therefore extra precautions have to be taken when shipping the crackers so that they are not damaged by incorrect handling, and the paperwork has to be correct to ensure there are no loading or border delays.

At TPS Global Logistics as well as ensuring the customs documentation is correct, we make sure the right documents and labels are with every shipment. By having the right labels on the outside of the box, it helps the handler know that they need to be extra careful, so the contents are not damaged in transit.

Cross shipping services

Celebration Crackers were looking for a freight forwarding partner who could help them with multiple shipments and deliveries to various locations in the USA from China, as well as someone who was able to handle their crackers with care. Our cross-trade solutions can reduce transit times and costs, as we ship goods around the world without having to import goods into the UK first.

The Issue with using couriers

A lot of businesses use courier services to ship their goods rather than freight forwarders, which can sometimes be cheaper. However to ship hazardous goods requires a specialist service not offered by a lot of courier firms. Dangerous goods must be packaged and labelled appropriately.

Not many courier firms offer cross-trade shipping services.

TPS Global Logistics Door to Door delivery

As well as a stress-free shipping service, our delivery is door to door, meaning we arrange all of the transportation from the manufacturer in China to the final destination in the USA.

This is done by our experienced operations team as well as carefully selected oversea agents.