Retail Supply Chain Solutions

Retail Supply Chain Solutions from TPS

Maintaining service levels when you are busy can be problematic. Outsourcing order fulfilment can be the most cost effective and reliable way to ensure you meet your customers expectations. Retail supply chain and ecommerce solutions can vary. We offer a solution that is bespoke to your business requirements.

Lifestyle and leisure markets are very competitive, and businesses have to be able to deliver the online or in-store experience customers expect.

Delivering affordable retail supply chain and ecommerce solutions are what we do best. Our warehouse pick and pack teams, software systems, strategically located warehouses and transport network can support all your storage and distribution needs.

We handle packaging and delivery, fulfilment, domestic and global distribution and returns, to homes, offices, retailers and warehouses.

Our software and online management tools are compatible with all e-commerce platforms. So you can manage inventory, track and trace deliveries, access shipping reports, delivery documents and book collection and delivery times for your goods.

Organising your retail supply chain

Transporting goods via container ships and freight rail networks are the most efficient and cost-effective way of shipping goods worldwide. However, when goods then arrive at a high-capacity freight station or port, they need to be transported onwards to their final destination.

This last mile or final leg of the supply chain is an important consideration for businesses as it can the most expensive and least efficient part of the journey. In some cases, costing up to 28% of the total shipping costs.

Final mile deliveries can be into warehouse storage or direct to retail stores, restaurants, consumers homes or businesses. This requires flexible, knowledgeable domestic transportation solutions. In the UK we use our own domestic delivery service, we have a fleet of our own vehicles and drivers and can distribute any size of consignment using our Luton vans, tail-lift, 2-man team or our Artic as necessary.

Our UK and European delivery services cover everything from kerbside to de-palletisation, we can install at point of use and remove all packaging.

We have a rapid and reliable courier service covering the UK, vehicles of all sizes for quicker pick times, faster deliveries and better UK coverage.

We offer bespoke scheduled services allowing you to specify a delivery time to suit you or your customer, the destination can be local, national or European.

TPS Global Logistics UK Distribution Fleet

Our supply chain excellence means that from the beginning to the end of your products journey we handle the whole process for you.

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