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NMS Infrastructure Limited

The Project – buyers consolidation export services

NMSI are UK based EPC project developers, and TPS Global Logistics are working with them offering collection, re-packing, storage, handling, and consolidation services, to assist them delivering healthcare infrastructure to Zambia.

The NMS Infrastructure contract with the Zambian Ministry of Health was for the design, construction and equipping of five 80-bed District Hospitals and 115 Mini Hospitals across the country.

NMSI aims to drastically improve essential healthcare services

Throughout the programme NMSI will provide 21st century equipment for the provision of the best healthcare possible. State-of-the-art innovations in design, layout and construction techniques enable the facilities to be delivered faster, perform better, and operate more cost efficiently than traditional models.

The requirements for this project involve handling regular shipments of medical equipment, which are delivered to the newly created health centres and hospitals in Africa.

This contract covers a wide variety of goods, from hospital beds, cribs, incubators and theatre tables to syringes, pipettes and stethoscopes. These are either packed loose or palletised and loaded into 40-foot containers, ready to export.

Buyers consolidation services

Goods are either collected from NMSI suppliers UK warehouses by our TPS drivers and vehicles or delivered directly to the TPS Global Aylesford warehouse for packing and preparation for shipping.

The consignments are split into the items required for each mini hospital – every piece of equipment is checked, labelled and many items repacked, each is numbered and given a pallet label, then consolidated to maximise valuable space in each shipping container. Itemised labelling and colour coding speeds up and assists unloading in Africa to ensure the goods arrive at the correct mini hospital destination.

The process

The TPS Global account manager books goods, in and out, works together with the warehouse team and completes the shipping documents, including container VGM to ensure there is no weight discrepancy on arrival at the port, this can cause delays and potentially mean the container is left at port incurring costs and disrupting the project.

Once loaded and ready, the NMSI container is sealed at the TPS warehouse and dispatched to quay ready for shipping. Creating consignment numbers, loading lists and itemised breakdown are all part of the TPS service, along with short and long-term storage solutions.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance can also be completed by TPS, consular documents vary from country to country, in some cases, the documentation required is two copies of the Commercial Invoice with every detail listed; names of the exporter and consignee, number and type of packages, marks and numbers, net and gross weights, value of goods, terms of sale, and a full description of all cargo being shipped.

TPS Global Logistics and NMS Infrastructure have enjoyed a successful partnership over the last 6 years. The Zambia project included sending 115 containers, each of these containers equipped one mini hospital, as well as shipping additional containers to equip 5 district hospitals in Zambia.