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Only 49 working days until we leave the EU. With or without a deal there are actions to take now.

Brexit Border CustomsWe have been in the single market for 27 years – this means that most of the 130,000 UK companies currently trading solely with the EU, will have no experience of customs declarations.

If you are one of these companies, you need to act now.

Either with or without a ‘deal’ we are leaving the Customs Union in 71 days (that’s 49 working days). Even if a trade deal is agreed with zero tariffs, there are still changes required.

From 1st January 2021 Imports and exports from Europe will be affected in terms of cost and delivery times.

Don’t get caught out, there are things you can and must do to get ready. Have you prepared for the following –

1. Who is paying custom clearance fees, import duties and taxes

2. How will shipment delivery times be affected

3. Will the selling price of your goods need to change

4. Will you need additional stock before 31st December to avoid supply chain disruption.

Businesses can avoid full customs declarations on goods from EU to UK until July 2021 BUT to do this requires action NOW. You must sign up and understand the process and which records must be kept.

From 2021 customs declarations will be required. Imports and exports within the EU will be treated in a similar way to worldwide shipments. Have you decided who will be making these declarations?

Check list

1. Are you prepared as the importer/exporter?

2. Is your freight forwarder prepared – have they told you what they need from you?

3. Have you discussed with your suppliers and customers?

At TPS Global we are experienced freight forwarders, we understand customs procedures and can fill out customs declarations on your behalf. We handle global supply chains, our teams work hard to ensure your goods keep moving.

If you require any Brexit advice, please contact us now on 01622 237979 for more information on what to do now read our blog

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