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Ecommerce activityEcommerce has enabled thousands of small businesses to keep the UK going during lockdown

Certain industries are performing well online. Health and Beauty has been constant in the top ten for order count (152%). Sales of cosmetics increased by 70% in April compared to January 2020, Fashion also increased by 33% in the same period, sports equipment + 77% whilst online sales of home furnishing and DIY jumped by 120%.

In April 2020, 81% of 16-64 year old internet users searched online for a product or a service and 74% completed an online purchase.

ACI Worldwide, the universal payments company reported that the general retail sector saw 209% growth in global e-commerce sales in April 2020 compared with the same period in 2019. Additionally, ACI Worldwide saw average transaction volume increase by 23.5% in April year-on-year.

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Review engagement has increased in line with sales

Consumer interactions with online reviews has more than doubled in the COVID-19 period.

Consumers continue to rely on ratings and reviews when making purchasing decisions. Reviews play a vital role providing the validation and social proof necessary to drive sales. Not just the product, but the customer service and sales fulfilment process are also vital to the consumer experience.

Ecommerce sales are known to result in a higher volume of returns. According to industry estimates, shopping online can see return rates as high as 30%. So retailers must ensure their whole supply chain operates smoothly, including refunds and returns.

This focus on Ecommerce activity is pushing retailers to become more flexible, more interactive and more visible. Websites must be mobile optimised – 92% of all internet activity is via a smart phone. Websites need to be found and easy to navigate – the average person is spending 3 hours and 24 minutes online per day during COVID-19. Google is the most popular internet search.

The Ecommerce retail supply chain needs to be streamlined and efficient, from the point of manufacture to the consumer. This includes every aspect of the customer journey, the digital experience from purchasing, through to delivery, as well as returns, are all part of a successful Ecommerce strategy.

Working with the right Ecommerce logistics partner is now more important than ever, consumer behaviour has moved online and this trend is predicted to stay. Please contact us on +44 (0) 1622 237979 or if you would like to discuss any aspect of your Ecommerce supply chain operation.

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