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Order Fulfilment, the most critical part of your operation.

Pick and Pack Services

If your eCommerce business has taken off and you find yourself reaching the critical point when sales fulfilment is impacting on all areas of the business, including future growth. It’s a good time to start looking at supply chain solutions.

The realisation that your business has outgrown the home office environment, and that you and your family are packing every single order yourselves which has taken over every waking moment, can be quite daunting. But there are a number of options available to you, the key is to act now before your customer service reaches creaking point and you risk reputation and sales.

You may be surprised to find that affordable pick and pack and delivery services are available locally and more importantly they are set up to work with small businesses.

Often savings can be made by switching from Royal Mail deliveries to an inhouse delivery service. By having order fulfilment and distribution with one logistics partner, the cost savings can contribute towards the cost of the fulfilment service, and the time savings allow you to invest in your business growth, sales strategy and focus on your own brand development.

At this stage you are really looking for a 3PL (Third-party logistics) partner to take over the most critical part of your business –  which is to deliver the product your customer has clicked and paid for on your website.

To pick, pack and despatch orders is, on the face of it, a simple job. You get the product, put it in a box and deliver it – easy. In a leading 3PL this job is the combination of good warehouse process, integrated IT systems and well-trained personnel.

At TPS Global Logistics our award-winning services and family run business has grown alongside our customers requirements. We have implemented processes and technology to deliver a high standard of customer service and have invested in our teams (most of them are family members!) to ensure our account management acts as an extension of your business. We are passionate about brand and reputation and will protect and nurture that of our customers as well.

Our full list of services includes freight forwarding, warehouse storage, fulfilment and distribution so we have the experience to handle all the aspects of your eCommerce supply chain. From the manufacturer to the customer your goods are in safe hands with us.

Fulfilment and distribution is part of the end-to-end chain of events resulting in customer satisfaction. Our technology has been integrated throughout the supply chain to ensure we connect all the pieces together. Starting with order data arriving from your sales channel, up to the despatch instructions sent to our drivers, we ensure customers receive their parcels at the specified times.

Once your goods arrive at our warehouses, our skilled pickers and packers fill each order accurately checking each product is in good condition, handling items carefully, and packaging them well, ensuring each is clearly labelled. Our teams can handle fluctuations in order numbers and successfully manage busy periods.

By using our pick and pack services for your order fulfilment, goods and packaging arrive in bulk directly from the manufacturers and products can be handled in one place, no need for items to be collected from different storage facilities and sent elsewhere for packaging and labelling. The streamlined nature of pick and pack makes it more efficient overall, which keeps costs low.

Not having to maintain your own warehouse space and staff is also a big cost-saving measure. We can help with inventory forecasting to optimise your inventory levels and save on inventory costs. We can also assist with shipping options to reduce costs.

Utilising our delivery service and courier network gives you the ability to offer better and cheaper delivery options to your customers. Same-day dispatch, next-day delivery, priority service, tracking and delivery scheduling are important elements of the purchase decision and the client’s perception of your brand.

So it’s time to stop taping boxes and licking envelopes! And get back to scoping out the right product, improving your marketing and expanding your sales channels. Focus on growth and leave the logistics to a reliable partner.

We would love to help you reach your business potential, so if you would like to talk to any of our team call us on +44 (0)1622 237979 or email

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