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Happy Halloween – no scary Frights here, just award-winning Freight Forwarding.

Happy Halloween from the TPS Warehouse Team

It’s business as usual here, nothing daunts us, and we don’t like frights.

We avoid things like scary prices, unforeseen costs, vanishing cargo, goods held at port and disappointed customers.

Our freight, warehouse and delivery teams work hard to ensure the smooth shipping of our customers goods. We arrange tailored delivery solutions to meet any business requirements – this could be delivery by broomstick, but we tend to recommend sea, air, road or rail transportation.

We hold the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade for our knowledge, services, growth and reputation for freight handling and forwarding.

Our second Aylesford warehouse is now taking bookings for January, and our experienced team are happy to discuss and review supply chain and ecommerce solutions as well as freight and distribution requirements. Whether you’re a start-up, multinational or growing business, our services integrate directly with the systems you use and those of your sales channels and customers.

We streamline data flows and simplify the process of getting your goods from the point of creation to final mile delivery to your customers.

Now is a good time of year to review your processes, costs and freight forwarding partnerships in preparation for next year’s sales activity and business planning.

We have the following advice for businesses seeking successful freight forwarding partnerships.

  1. First establish your priorities and communicate them.
    Appointing a freight forwarder is to make your shipping process easier, so it’s important to communicate your priorities – the shipping solution will then be tailored to your business. This can be based on lead times, volume, frequency, price, environmental issues, storage or goods handling processes.
  2. Confirm what’s included in the price
    It is essential that you know exactly who is responsible for what when outsourcing shipping to a freight forwarder. This includes all the paperwork – whether insurance is included in the cost, is your forwarder completing all the import and export documentation, and who is responsible for payment of the taxes, charges and duties.
  3. Check for credibility and reputation
    The UK freight forwarding industry is unregulated, meaning anyone can set up as a freight forwarder – no experience or qualifications necessary. In a business based on the trusted handling of your goods we recommend that you check the reputation of a potential freight forwarder, memberships and accreditations are a good indicator.  At TPS Global Logistics our reputation is important to us, we are members of BIFA (and adhere to their standard trading conditions) we also hold WCA, IATA, FIATA, Connector and GCA memberships, we have FORS accreditation and are twice winners of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade.
  4. Look at the reporting and online tools provided
    One of the benefits of using a good freight forwarder, is access to online tools to make the service as quick and easy as possible. Online management tools allow you to manage inventory, track and trace deliveries, access shipping reports, delivery documents and book collection and delivery times for your goods.
  5. Think about the add-on services
    All freight forwarders are different, and some offer more services than others. So it’s good to discuss all the options for your business, by simplifying the supply chain with one partnership you should achieve seamless end to end delivery of your goods.  Our TPS Global software is compatible with all e-commerce platforms giving you real time transparency on the progress of your goods, which enables you to communicate with your own customers.

At TPS Global we cover door to door delivery of goods worldwide. We have our own warehouses and an ecommerce distribution facility in Aylesford, Kent. As well as our own drivers and vehicles for UK and European distribution services.

Hopefully you’ll avoid any frights today, but if you do need assistance with freight, distribution and storage please call our team. You could be in for a treat, we are always happy to help and quotes are turned around quickly. +44 (0)1622 237979

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