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Peak season port and container warnings

Aerial view of Felixstowe Port
Aerial view of Felixstowe Port.

Current congestion at some UK ports is being caused by problems at Felixstowe, following implementation of their new port IT system. The knock-on effect is causing supply chain delays, and this combined with a shortage of haulage operators is creating longer lead times on road bookings with the increase in demand creating price hikes in haulage charges.

Peak season demand this year has come together with international oil prices at their highest since 2014, as well as fewer UK drivers available, the combination is giving the hauliers the opportunity to work for only the highest rates.

We expect Felixstowe to get their IT system ironed out as quickly as possible and with regards to the fuel costs, unfortunately any increase in oil prices has a direct and unavoidable impact on the cost of fuel prices within the haulage industry. The hauliers are left with two options – either carry the cost or pass it on.

Luckily, we operate our own fleet of vehicles and TPS Global drivers, so our customers benefit from their one TPS account manager overseeing their supply chain from end to end, navigating the best route and rates to meet important delivery dates.

The sea freight team here are negotiating the best rates and using alternative UK ports where possible to minimise any potential disruption as the we get into the peak season.

It is also worth considering air freight for more urgent shipments, our air freight department are on standby to help with any questions.

Please speak to your TPS Global account manager about any of these options +44 (0) 1622 237979

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