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Check if you’ve overpaid duty since Brexit

customs clearanceThree years after the Brexit deal, there is still some misunderstanding and confusion over the EU/UK trade agreement and many instances of ‘double duty’. Many UK businesses trading with the EU are still adjusting to the new administrative requirements resulting from Brexit.

It has been reported that HMRC have received more than they expected in Customs Duties since Brexit, so if you are importing large volumes, there is a chance you may have overpaid.

Overpaid Customs Duty can be claimed up to 3 years from the date of clearance, so the time is running out for 2020 overpayments.


Have you overpaid duty since Brexit

The only way to check if your business has overpaid Customs Duties and import VAT since Brexit is to request your Management Support System (MSS Data) from HMRC.

The MSS Data is a log of all import declarations made on your business’s behalf throughout the UK by a UK Customs Clearance agent.

By analysing the matrix of product, origin, dispatch, value and tax in an MSS Data Report, you can better understand the taxes that were paid vs those that should have been due

If your business imports goods into the UK it will be, in most cases, recorded as the importer on the UK Customs Declaration.

This creates a responsibility on the business to ensure that the declaration is accurate, otherwise there is a potential for additional duties and penalties.

If you import regularly, your MSS spreadsheets can run to thousands of lines per month, every line has multiple fields, so if you need help with the analysis contact us, our audit partners create reports, key findings and recommendations.

HMRC customs checks

We can help, if you would like assistance with clearance or an MSS Data audit, please contact us.

Our team of specialists eliminate all the time-consuming hassle that comes with dealing with customs, compliance, paperwork and more. We understand the importance of accurate paperwork and we keep your supply chain moving.

We have an operations team of customs compliance certified staff on hand to complete clearances quickly and accurately. We can also issue ATA Carnets in-house allowing certain goods/equipment to clear customs without import taxes, duty or delays.

When you don’t have direct control of your goods it is important to know that they are in safe hands.

HMRC Duty Demands

It is becoming apparent businesses shouldn’t automatically accept HMRC’s calculations – According to our audit partner around 30% of duty demands which are challenged are either overturned or reduced. However, only 3% of demands are actually challenged.

It is recommended that businesses who have received a duty demand (C18) from HMRC seek specialist advice. There is a process for challenging demands and decisions, but strict time restrictions apply; it is important to appraise the demand quickly and implement the next steps needed to launch a successful challenge. With increasing activity from HMRC in auditing customs declarations, incorrect conclusions are increasingly likely.

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