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Freight Update and US Export Opportunity

Sea freight rates have fallen by over 90% on some routes and by over 70% on most routes, so contact us for competitive October rates.

Air cargo demand is down slightly, with month volumes slightly reduced year on year since 2019, and capacity in July was 4% above 2021.

The dollar is currently strong, making US produced goods less competitive. So now is a good time to export goods to the US. If you would like to talk to us about exporting your goods from the UK, TPS MD Matt Smith is a DIT appointed Export Champion and can guide you through the process. The team at TPS are experienced freight forwarders and can handle all aspects of the process for you.

The UK is a trading nation with imports and exports comprising 62.9% of GDP, higher than the global average of 56.3% in 2019.

Customs Handling Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) was expected to be switched off for imports at the end of next week, as the new Customs Declaration Service (CDS) comes into effect on 1st October, CHIEF will continue for exports until next year.

However, HMRC confirmed CHIEF would remain operational for those unable to switch to CDS. They announced that whilst all new Import Customs Declarations are to be made via CDS from 1st October 2022, CHIEF badge holders will be given the opportunity to seek permission to use CHIEF beyond 30th September, 2022. But only if they have a clear business reason, acceptable to HMRC, which prevent the declaration being made via CDS.

But not having made the necessary preparations for the switch is not be considered a clear business reason and the easement is likely to be short term.

Customs Declaration ServiceFrom 1st October 2022, businesses will need to make all their import declarations using the Customs Declarations Service.

The Department has also been advising importers to use customs agents that can make import declarations for them, where importers are unable to do so.

TPS Global Logistics can be found on HMRC’s list of registered customs agents

Any traders unable to fully migrate in time, can seek permission for a short extension to use CHIEF beyond 30th September, apply using an online form.

HMRC produced the following key messages about the continued access process:

  1. Import declarations need to be made using the Customs Declaration Service from 1st October 2022. Trade needs to act now and there is help and support available on UK
  2. If importers know they can’t be ready for that date, they should consider using a customs agent who can help them. A list of customs agents is available HERE
  3. If importers are unable to use CDS for their import declarations, HMRC is allowing CHIEF badge holders to seek permission for a short extension to use CHIEF beyond 30th September, if they have a clear business reason.  Applications to do so need to be made using an online form and further details are available on UK
  4. Those that successfully apply for an extension will be provided with help and support to move to the Customs Declaration Service as soon as possible
  5. A limited group of declarants are unable to fully migrate their imports therefore they can continue to use CHIEF for imports without having to apply for continued use. HMRC will contact those declarants directly to let them know
  6. If declarants continue to use CHIEF from 1st October 2022 without permission, HMRC reserves the right to remove their access

Traders need to act fast over the transition from CHIEF to CDS. Those who continue using CHIEF without seeking authorisation will face consequences, including the possible removal of the ability to access CHIEF.

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