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Christmas charity fundraising – pet photo competition

As part of our Christmas fundraising this year we are raising money for YoungMinds and Mind

We started our activities with a TPS pet photo competition – It is well known that pets can help with our mental health, they help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and can even improve your cardiovascular health.

The competition was open to every type of pet from the goldfish to the family dog.

Judging was extremely difficult, as you can see from our  extended TPS family members ?

Arnie the tarantula was drawn at random to win our pet of year – owned by Warehouse Team Leader Dean Roberts

In the best pet category, pets were nominated by their owners, with the reason why they should be the best pet, the 3 pets who we think go over and above are –

Panda, domestic short haired cat owned by Lisa Hernandez-Sheldrake. Panda is the kindest, gentle cat – she not only takes care of her sister (Tyga) giving her daily baths. She also goes out for walks with Lisa and her daughter Ellie, Ellie is her number 1 fan, Panda patiently allows herself to be played with and poked all day with no claws or grumpiness…!!

Pablo, the 9 month cockerpoo, nominated by Lydia Moore. Owned by her sister, Pablo has been the best little friend to Lydia this year, he’s soppy and loving and has connected the family in difficult times, bringing her happiness and light. In Lydias words – ‘he gives the best cuddles and loves giving kisses! You could never have a down day with Pablo around! He is always there to put a smile on your face and won’t stop kissing you until he sees you smile!!’

Wilson, 10 year Great Dane x German Shepard owned by Sam Brown. is the best pet ‘because he is the friendliest dog you will ever meet, known as ‘Puppy dog’ he has learned to talk when he wants attention for treats or fuss. He likes sleeping, playing peek a boo and making the room smell of farts, but best of all he lies on you when you’re ill so he can look after you!’

Winner of Pet most like owner  was Michelle Bristow and her twins, with her Mummy sheep and her twins!


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