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Less than 90 working days until 1st January 2021 – Are you ready for Brexit?

Now less than 90 working days until Brexit and no extension to the transition period, so all goods imported or exported UK-EU will require customs declarations from 1st January 2021

How does this affect me?
If you trade goods with the EU these will need declarations covering their movement in/out of the UK.
If you trade goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the goods moved into NI will require a Movement Declaration.


From 1st January 2021

1. Additional Customs Declarations are required – over 200 million extra import/export declarations are expected per year. We can help with filling out these forms on your behalf.

2. Safety and Security Declarations will be required for moving goods. We can help with filling out these documents on your behalf.

3. Expect and plan for vehicle delays arriving at UK ports. We can help with External Temporary Storage Facilities to avoid costly delays.

4. Other areas of import/export procedures affected by the changes are listed below*

What’s happening and when?

The phased approach starts from 1 January 2021 and is as follows –

EXPORT 1st January 2021 UK declarations to the EU are required.


IMPORT 1st January 2021 UK imports for standard goods will access a process known as CFSP EIDR (Customs Freight Simplified Procedures, Entry In Declarants Records).
  1st July 2021 CFSP EIDR will be turned off. Frontier declarations now required in all cases. (unless traders have specific authorisation)
  1st July 2021 Safety and Security declarations will be required on UK imports.


SPS PRODUCTS 1st January 2021 SPS (Sanitary and phyto-sanitary products of animal origin, plants, vegetables, fruit and produce) will have relaxed controls EXCEPT for live animals and high-risk plants.
1st April 2021 SPS will require health certification and pre-notification IPAFFS but few physical checks will take place
1st July 2021 Full SPS checks will be in place



Our Brexit management team and freight teams can help with all your import/export questions. Contact us to discuss plans to ensure your goods are not held up from 1st January 2021. Call us on +44(0)1622 237979 or email at

More information and guidance can be found here –

Government guidance on importing goods is located here
Government guidance on exporting is here
* The other areas that will be affected by new rules on 1st January 2021 are –
• Movement of goods under transit
• Authorised Consignee/consignor status to ease movement through RoRo ports
• Duty rates on UK goods into EU and changes to rates on goods into the UK
• Mandatory or recommended Pre-Arrival Import Declarations
• Movement of excise goods
• No low value consignment relief on VAT into the UK for e-commerce
• Postponed accounting of VAT

No matter how large or small your business, anyone trading with the EU from the UK will be affected by Brexit. This includes:
• eCommerce retailers
• Retailers
• Manufacturers
• Freight Forwarders
• Traders
• Logistics Service Providers
• Food & Agriculture
• Pharmaceuticals

At TPS Global Logistics our Managing Director, Matt Smith and Operations Director, Barry Broughton are both Export Champions, appointed by the Department for International Trade for their experience and expertise in this area.

The Government has recognised the vital role of freight forwarders in the preparations for the new customs and border crossing arrangements. We are here to help all our clients prepare for the changes, to ensure from 1st January 2021 their goods keep moving.

For more information on what to do now please visit our advice page

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