Air Freight Services

Why use air freight?

Air freight is often used for high value and low volume shipments. It is the fastest shipping method, has very reliable arrival and departure times, you can send cargo to nearly every worldwide destination, lower insurance premiums, higher level security – reduced risk of theft and damage, less packaging required, less storage required – due to the quicker transit times you don’t need to keep as many goods in stock.

Suitable for time critical delivery.  We work with carefully selected and reputable air carriers offering direct, deferred, consolidated and hand carry services which means we are able to fulfil your schedule requirements and delivery deadlines.

As our services are bespoke we can tailor delivery to suit any item however large or small, urgent or otherwise.

Our professional air freight services include:

  •  Same day/next day collections
  •  Import and export to/from anywhere in the world
  •  Most hazardous commodities and specialist products catered for
  •  Export packing for personal effects