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Supply Chain Management

Maintaining service levels when volumes are increased can be problematic, so outsourcing order fulfilment can be the most cost effective and reliable way to ensure you meet your customers expectations without having to invest in more staff or warehouse space.

Lifestyle and leisure markets are now very competitive, and companies have to be able to deliver the online or in-store experience customers now expect. We are experienced in this sector and our warehouse pick and pack teams, software systems, strategically located warehouses and transport network can support your storage and distribution needs. We handle packaging and delivery, fulfilment, domestic and global distribution and returns, to the full range of recipients – homes, offices, retailers and warehouses.

Our software and online management tools are compatible with all e-commerce platforms so you can manage inventory, track and trace deliveries, access shipping reports, delivery documents and book collection and delivery times for your goods.

Logistics you can trust

We believe in partnerships and want to see your business grow, customer service is as important to us as it is to you – so we supply dedicated account managers for those times when you need to speak to someone and discuss your individual requirements.

Our supply chain excellence means that from the beginning to the end of your products journey we handle the whole process for you.

Retail and eCommerce solutions

We are specialists when it comes to fulfilment, warehousing and distribution, we have an easy and affordable storage package, software that is fully integrated with all e-commerce platforms and we can pick, pack and deliver your products across the UK or worldwide using our courier and freight distribution network.

So from manufacturer to customer we can streamline your supply chain operation.

E-commerce is the fastest growing retail market in Europe and North America, and the UK leads the way with 16.8% of retail sales taken online.

Award winning services

The 4 principles of fulfilment operations are – Speed, Accuracy, Professionalism and Quality.

At TPS Global our software is fully integrated with all e-commerce platforms, fulfilment can take place in real time as soon as your customer clicks to purchase.

All reporting is daily and the technology we use automates order and inventory management, which saves you time, it can handle the routine tasks.

Our account handling, professional service and partnership mentality sets us apart. Our knowledge, experience, systems and team ensure that we are able to deliver fulfilment, warehousing and logistics services to a multitude of industry sectors.

We understand passionate businesses, because that is what we are. Customer service, reputation and referral are the cornerstones of our company values.

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