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time criticalClocks go forward this Sunday and as we prepare for Daylight saving time, we look at the importance of time in logistics.

This weekend is the start of British Summer Time, giving us more daylight in the evening – it happens in the middle of the night to limit the disruption for schools and businesses.

Now not always considered convenient, initially the clock changes were rolled out to save energy and get people outside at the beginning of the 20th century. All starting with a builder called William Willett who was ‘incensed at the ‘waste’ of useful daylight during the summer’

In 1916 BST was adopted to save fuel and money, this is something we understand when it comes to supply chain logistics.

Since then Britain has moved the clocks several times, they were brought forward 2 hours ahead of GMT during the Second World War. Also brought forward for periods in the spring of 1947 in line with fuel shortages and an experiment between 1968 and 1971 kept the clocks one hour ahead of GMT all year round.

British time has now settled into the familiar system of GMT in the winter and summer time in between March and October.

We’re pleased to say that our TPS Global time critical delivery services are much easier to comprehend.

When standard delivery services can’t meet your deadline requirements, we work around the clock to collect and deliver the same day for most urgent shipments.

Whatever you have to move: personal possessions, industrial components, urgent documentation, or essential parts and goods across the UK and throughout Europe. Our time critical deliveries use the fastest possible transport using conventional techniques. Whether it is road freight, air freight or air chartering services.

Our fleet of vehicles and 2-man team can cover distances faster for optimum delivery time.  We also offer a 24/7 service working through the night on projects, IT and office re-locations to fit in with your business requirements. We understand that whilst the clocks might now be settled into a routine even the best laid plans can come unstuck, our team are here to help even out of hours.

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