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When to choose air freight for your shipping


Antonov An-225 Mriya biggest aircraft in the world
Antonov An-225 the biggest aircraft in the world

When forwarding freight each mode of transport has its own benefits and drawbacks. Choosing the right mode for your goods would be based on price, speed, convenience or cargo safety. The benefits of air freight are highlighted below.

Suitable for time critical delivery, air freight is often used for high value and low volume shipments.

These are some of the top reasons to consider air freight for shipping your goods –



1. It is the fastest shipping method
Quicker than sea freight, road and rail transport, with direct city to city transport options air freight greatly reduces the distance between two points.

2. Reliable delivery times
The arrival and departure times of flights are generally accurate, as airlines tend to be on top of their schedules. Even if a flight is missed, the delay is minimal as there are usually flights departing every hour. Air freight volumes are also considerably lower than sea freight, so in addition to quicker handling times there is usually less congestion at airports versus sea ports.

3. Worldwide distribution
Most airlines have a large network of destinations, which means you can ship your goods almost anywhere in the World.

4. Better security
Shipping by air offers a higher level of security, airport safety controls over cargo are tightly managed, and this also reduces the risk of theft and damage to goods.

5. Low insurance premiums
Which means large savings, as the transport time for air cargo is shorter than other modes of transport, and the level of security is higher, the insurance premium tends to be lower than other modes of transport. This saving can be offset against the higher price of air freight.

6. Less requirement for storage
Due to quicker transit times, there is less need for local warehousing and no need to carry so many items in stock, resulting in lower inventory carrying costs. With air freight customs clearance, cargo inspection and cargo handlers are very efficient, most goods are cleared within hours.

7. Less packaging
Air cargo involves minimal handling and the emphasis is on weight, as well as volume. There are also more careful handling options are available, such as carry on services – the result of this is usually less bulky/heavy packaging for goods.

8. Tracking
Our online tracking tools allow you to follow your goods at every process of their journey.

As with every mode of transport, demand for cargo capacity varies seasonally and perishable goods tend to travel by air freight. North America and Europe are huge consumers of flowers, these are sourced largely from South America and East Africa and the spike in demand before Valentines Day has been known to double the traffic causing a scramble for freight capacity.

But there are always options for your goods, and this is where your freight forwarding provider can help. An entire flight can be chartered to carry cargo, even for a huge project – the largest plane in the world is the Antonov An-225 Mriya, powered by 6 turbofan engines, it is 275 foot long with a 290 foot wingspan, it is the heaviest aircraft ever built, maximum take-off weight is 640 tonnes and it can carry up to 250 tonnes of cargo.

So, if you would like to discuss options for transporting your goods, we can help.

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